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I’m passionate about creating products that matter. I love leading and mentoring others, building teams, doing our best work together and writing about the process.

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I’ve been married to my amazing wife, Hannah, for 17 years. We have 3 incredible daughters – Mavis (10), Camille (7) and Hattie (5). I was born in Tifton, GA and met Hannah while I was in college in Wilmington, NC. Besides Tifton and Wilmington, we lived in New Orleans, Philadelphia and Mobile before landing in Atlanta in 2004. We currently live in Cumming, GA just north of the city.

I  worked in the digital marketing and product management space for the  7 years. I also spent 14 years working for churches as a youth pastor, church planter, worship leader and speaker.  

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I studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech for a year before transferring to UNCW in Wilmington, NC to finish my undergraduate degree in English and Music. I also attended New Orleans Baptist Seminary and earned a Master of Divinity degree with a specialization in Worship Leadership.

Since 2009 our family has been part of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA and we currently serve in a variety of roles including worship team, mentoring and community groups.

I’ve had a wide variety of experiences both personally and professionally that have shaped who I am. My goal is to share what I’ve learned about marriage, parenting and prioritizing life to live for what matters most.

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A Farewell

Today marks my final day at iDisciple as Director of Product Management. 5 years ago, I took a risk and joined a brand new company as employee number 2. Today that company has grown into a global media company that serves millions of users and impacts lives around the world. I’m so grateful for the …