A Farewell

Today marks my final day at iDisciple as Director of Product Management.

5 years ago, I took a risk and joined a brand new company as employee number 2.

Today that company has grown into a global media company that serves millions of users and impacts lives around the world.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn and the relationships built during my time at iDisciple.  I’ve been invested in and encouraged by so many along the way.

Building a startup is no easy task and I’m thankful for the time spent building with these incredible men and women: David Henriksen, Mike Kendrick, Hal White, John Smith, Cliff Bartow, Boyd Bailey, Fiona Lindberg, Dan Lindberg, Amber Mette, Melissa Sladky, Adrion Porter, Bri Arnold, Jacob Harkey, John Crowe, Dan Riveros, Carlisa Flournoy, Tim Aligheri, Tim Boniger, John McCartin, Jordan Behm, Janine Duquette, Lianne Cornell, Emma Lieblich, Kamilah Benjamin, Andres Burton, Parul Jha, Mamadou Bah, Durga Purushothapu, Shubha Udupa, Alejandro Calderon, George Saffo, Dawn Hippolite , Israel Ramirez, Ryn Tomlinson, Alex Kondratev, Emily Fernie and Steven Tatum.

Special thanks also go to Rick Jackson and Larry Powell for believing in this project from the beginning and guiding it as board members.

Best wishes to Brad Mauldin, Bobby Downes, Jared Geesey, Nellie Jones and the rest of the leadership team as they carry the torch to the next summit. The future is bright and I look forward to seeing what’s in store! I’ll be cheering you guys on!